October 31, 2018  /  Penelope Trappes

Location: London

FFO: Banks, Nadine Byrne, Iona Fortune

Label: Houndstooth

Taken from her sophomore album Penelope Two, ‘Connector’ is the latest single from London’s Penelope Trappes, an artist dead set on crafting music focused almost entirely on atmospherics. And believe us, it’s stunning.

It’s amazing how something so minimalist can be filled with so much emotion. ‘Connector’ leaves the sound-stage almost empty apart from Trappes’ haunting layered vocal, as ghostly synths and subtle electronics weave in and out of earshot, building and bubbling just beneath the surface. At around the two-and-a-half minute mark, the electronics begin to breathe in earnest, rising to a swirling crescendo until dropping slowly down to soft melancholia.

If you were to look up ‘ethereal’ in the musical dictionary, we guarantee it’d just be a sound-bite of Penelope Trappes.