May 2, 2018  /  illuminati hotties

Location: Los Angeles, CA

FFO: Long Neck, Kississipi

Label: Tiny Engines / Snack Shack Tracks

LA self-described ‘post-naptime burrito-core’ artist Sarah Tudzin and her friends, otherwise known as illuminati hotties, have taken ‘Patience’ away from Take That and into their own hands in their latest single. ‘Patience’ is their fourth single released in the run-up to their debut album Kiss Yr Frenemies expected before you know it on May 11th. Considering themselves as ‘tenderpunk’ pioneers, ‘Patience’ is certainly one step towards that title, made up of pop punk guitar riffs, Tudzin’s gentle, laid-back vocals and a shimmering chorus which triggers your arms to lift in the air and wave to the beat. illuminati hotties are set for a massive 2018.