November 24, 2017  /  Paradisia

Location: London

FFO: Lucy Rose, Violet Skies

Label: Long Branch Records

Beautiful lead vocals, awesome keys and the delicacy of a harp; this is what london-based trio Paradisia bring to the table, and it combines in an extraordinarily powerful way in new track ‘Dreamer’. Paradisia is the name the band chose to describe a “beautiful aesthetic”, one that can send listeners to the “idealistic higher sphere all music lovers long to be transported to”, and it must be said they achieve it wonderfully here. Opening with a slow, melancholic piano, the track builds into a crescendo of emotion.

About the track, Paradisia say “It is a song about a person never fully believing in you and the strength it takes, to see that who you fall in love with is not always the right person and that love isn’t always enough. In the middle 8 it almost comes to a point of closure on that realisation and the need for someone that makes you feel secure in moments of weakness, embraces you for who you are and is proud to be with you.”