July 30, 2019  /  One Nine

We love a great debut single here, that’s the whole point of the Debut of the Week section, but Glasgow’s One Nine have truly blown us away here.

A slow burner at first, but when it pops – it pops into a fully formed, energetic, indie anthem. Full of hope and optimism, this is a track that is here to get you motivated and push you forward.

The duo, consisting of Neil Mulholland and Kirstin Lynn, the pair have been making a name for themselves across Scotland’s music scene. Having worked together on multiple projects before, they have finally come together to create something truly special.

They’ve both been busy on other collaborations, recently containing names such as Chris Zane (Friendly Fires), Lewis Gardiner (Prides), Jimmy Harry (Pink/Madonna) and Slenderbodies. So it makes a bit more sense as to why their sound is so big, so quickly.

That said the pair are insisting that ‘Difficult Days’ is not the be all and end all of what’s to come from them. With talk of branching away from guitar-driven music and on to some more electronic stuff, chilled tracks or even some hip-hop. All we know is that it’s super exciting and we can’t wait to hear more.

Want to catch them live? You’re in luck. They have a headline show on 3rd August in Glasgow at The Garage.