November 1, 2018  /  Lost Cousins

Location: Canada

FFO: Modern Aquatic, Close Talker

Label: Pheromone Recordings

Fresh from their upcoming debut album, Lost Cousins have released their celestial new single  ‘Stay’.

The anthemic track is both upbeat and melancholy. A rousing, but ultimately sombre ode to the things that we have to lose or give up. Thematically the track conveys this emotion well. Their unique brand of psychedelic indie evokes this sense of a rallying cry to address such existential problems. The outfit manage to deftly convey this atmosphere of trepidation, as they come to terms with the transitions that come with life.

“Stay’ is about both physical and emotional movement,” the band explained. “Uncertainties that lie ahead and remnants of the past are unearthed through changing landscapes on a long road trip. The song describes adjustment to departure through fragments of memories from a backseat window.”