May 21, 2018  /  of Judith

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

FFO: Slowcoaches, Document

Label: Unsigned

Born from the fringes of indie, punk and rock ‘n’ roll, newcomers to the scene of Judith are the band indie needs right now.

Combining this cocktail of influence into their self-styled moniker ‘fringe-punk,’ the Gothenburg outfit go hard and heavy, clocking in at just over two minutes on their debut single ‘Drying Well.’ It’s a track of captivating duality, bouncing between light melodies and heavy riffs, backed by the unrelenting driving force of the pounding drum track.

As just the first glimpse from their upcoming four track EP First set for release this year, the single offers a tantalising glimpse of what’s to come, and it’s fair to say we’re more than just a little excited.