November 29, 2017  /  October's Child

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Sean Mackey, Seion

Label: Unsigned


‘Orion’ is a poignantly upbeat release from October’s Child. The ethereal atmosphere that pervades the track belies a melancholic and sorrowful psyche, but one that never fully gives way to despair. The instrumental framework, with sombre mellotron notes and the uninvasive accompanying drum rhythm, was written following vocalist Britt Warner’s fathers death, and in the aftermath of celebrating “his” holiday, Thanksgiving, without him.

A few months later, the instrumental was revisited, and the result is the hauntingly beautiful track ‘Orion’: Warner’s angelic vocal range soaring over a seamless blend of orchestral strings and electronic elements. The lyrics “convey a lost connection, an opportunity thwarted by fate. Orion is that person you click with immediately but are forever after left to wonder what might have been, if only.”