May 23, 2018  /  OAKLND

Location: Scotland

FFO: Fickle Friends, The 1975

Record Label: Unsigned

Colin Mckillop, better known as OAKLND, is back with ‘Inyl’, a rousing and powerful synth-pop track that evokes The 1975. Described as ‘yacht-pop’ by Clash, this third single from the Scottish multi-instrumentalist channels the West Coast of America. A synth heavy sound, this track has clearly been inspired by dream pop acts such as Fickle Friends, but with an added dash of glitz and glamour. ‘Yacht-pop’ is an apt description of this third single; this is a track that would work perfectly in an open sea, with the sun glaring down and a glass of champagne in hand. This is a delightful sound that is bound to induce repeated listens, and is a great addition to electro-pop, that will eventually stand out in the ocean of electro-pop released this year.

We’ve already covered Mckillop on Born, and we are in love with what he does. He has been inspired by the West Coast for quite sometime; even him releasing music was due to a trip to Los Angeles. Having been in bands for most of his music career, this trip to LA sparked a thrust for solo material that would be influenced by that dream-pop sound that everyone wants to hear. Even after his third single, we here at Born are not bored. Listen to the ever grown OAKLND below, with his latest single ‘Inyl’.