April 15, 2019  /  O Future

Location: Los Angeles, United Kingdom

FFO: Smerz, ionnalee, BEA1991

Label: Unsigned

O Future releases her latest single ‘Telephone’ creating the fourth track in her newest collective catalogue.

Full of atmospheric mystery, synths and elevating vocals, ‘Telephone’ travels through a sonic universe of electrifying minimalism. Intersected with a downtempo injection, O Future use a mixture of live¬†Saxophone for a smooth and dreamlike state of which the listener is transported to.

Speaking on their newest offering, O Future explain, “Literally this is a song about not having enough friends, hating phone calls and lying down on heavy carpets.”

Going on to say, “The only good and spicy phone call, is one from a new lover, an old lover, a crush, or your best friend; or maybe when you find out you inherited your dream house. No one calls. Except for the ones which say ‘You’ve been selected…’ and ‘You have won…’ “