May 5, 2018  /  Now, Now

Location: Minneapolis, MN

FFO: Mansions, Tancred

Label: LAB Records

Minneapolis duo Now, Now finally returned last year and today they release their final single ‘MJ’ in the run-up to their second album Saved set for a May 18th release. Made up of KC Dalagar and Brad Hale, the duo have been dubbed for big things for quite some time. They like to keep up the suspense, however, as we have had to wait six whole years since their debut album Threads for this next full-length release. Swapping the live band sound for crisp synths, Now, Now have been tempting fans since last year with such offerings as ‘SGL’, ‘Yours’ and ‘AZ’. ‘MJ’ completes the string of temptation before they unleash the whole album to their ever-impatient fandom. In ‘MJ’, KC is reaching out to her childhood hero (yes, you’ve guessed it) Michael Jackson, venting to him about the collapse of a relationship. Bring on the album!!!