November 30, 2017  /  NoMBe

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Set Mo, Big Wild



Godson of Chaka Khan, NoMBe is back as he releases another single from his upcoming album They Might Have Even Loved Me. Following a tour with alt-J, NoMBe has been receiving praise from all over and it’s easy to see why. Latest addition ‘Eden’ is contaminated with the songwriters sheer talent, featuring gorgeous vocal melodies lying on top of a bed of eargasmic chord progressions. An unbelievably well crafted song.

On the track he says: “Eden is one of the more complex songs on the album lyrically. There’s a lot of obvious religious referencing throughout the song, which can be taken in many ways, but I just loved how it all interacted and shouldn’t be taken as a literal statement about my faith.”

If the LA based genius begins topping charts in the near future, don’t be surprised.