August 23, 2018  /  Jo Marches

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

FFO: Bat For Lashes, Melody’s Echo Chamber, Moon Tapes, New Pharaohs

Label: Palmboomsok

Dutch outfit Jo Marches are consolidating on their rising popularity with ‘Monsters’, the lead single from upcoming EP ‘Day In Day Out’.

Dream pop and pscyh-inspired electronica are hard genres to stand out in – especially amongst big hitters like Tame Impala – but ‘Monsters’ is excellent, helped by a menacing rhythm section that punctuates the woozy synth work in all the right places.

Vocalist Johanneke Kranendonk coos harmoniously over the captivating, layered production of bandmate David Hogerheide. She straddles the line between sultry and coolly indifferent effortlessly, singing about wanting to “wake when it’s over”, and luring you into joining her in an indefinite slumber.