November 10, 2017  /  Foundling

Location: Berlin, Germany

FFO: Feral & Stray, Timber Timbre

Label: Malmu Records

The first taste of Berlin based Foundling‘s debut album Fault Lines, ‘New Years’ is a dream pop masterpiece. Bearing the distinctive imprint of Danish producer┬áMarc Stebbing (Grand Avenue) it recalls distinctly Scandinavian aesthetics, vast landscapes and sweeping skies all with a detailed intimacy and a distant pulse.

The vocals soar above this track slow and seductively. Gradually more instrumentation is added in a manner which is cool, calm and collected before a gentle crescendo which falls like a slowly breaking wave at marks the track’s conclusion.

And if things couldn’t get any better, check out the music video for the track, below; a collaboration with experimental modern dancers from Montreal, Canada: