May 7, 2018  /  new body electric

Location: Portland, USA

FFO: Ratatat, The Strokes, Phoenix

Record Label: Unsigned

Smooth electronic guitar grooves are a plenty on new body electric‘s new single ‘Out Of Control’, from their album ‘Interference’. new body electric are taking some great lessons from the Ratatat school of guitar music. Effortlessly combining organic and synthetic instrumentation, ‘Out Of Control’ rides a wave of beach-like bliss for its agonizingly short run time of four minutes. The slow rhythmic mood of the track is almost akin to blues or country, but new boy electric add their electronic distinctive twist.

new boy electric are an electro-pop rock duo hailing from Portland, and have already had a fruitful 2018. Having released their debut album ‘Interference’ this year, the band are riding a wave of summer energy that will sweep them to a successful year.