November 22, 2017  /  Nadoyel

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Banks, Grimes

Label: Unsigned

Los Angeles-based college student and producer Nadoyel creates an ethereal, dreamy vibe in her new track ‘Queen of Pop’. With swirling, echoing vocals sprinkled over mesmerising synths, there is a certain harmony and fluidity in the track that is offset by a lingering sense of sadness, that can perhaps most effectively be described as a sort of ’emo-dreampop’. By choosing to favour a sense of fluidity rather than a rigid structure to the track, Nadoyel’s experimental sound fluctuates seamlessly between the emotional dichotomy of a tranquil, dream-like state, and one of melancholy.

Her¬†influences include an eclectic range of electronic to guitar driven music, such as the layered intensity of “Do Death” from Balam Acab and “Blue Trains Lines” from King Krule and Mount Kimbie. She tells us she’s also been going through a¬†“huge re-listening to Bjork phase and find her super inspirational with mixing electronic music and emotional vocals”.

Commenting on the track, Nadoyel says: “I was (as I always am) a pretty a nostalgic person, and had been thinking of people and animals and situations which you think will last forever but stop, and often unexpectedly and suddenly and how difficult that is to grapple with, whether a romantic partner, a pet, a friend, etc.”