May 14, 2018  /  morgxn

Location: Los Angeles

FFO: Luna Shadows, Haux, Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Label: Wxnderlost Records / Hollywood Records

‘Me Without You’ is taken from morgxn‘s debut album vital, set for release on 18th May.

morgxn is an artist who doesn’t shy away from the personal, using music as a place to candidly express and explore himself. This beautiful musical sensibility is certainly one that shines through on his latest track, ‘Me Without You.’ Written for his late father, the track explores what it means to love.

It’s a beautifully poignant track, that doesn’t focus on being the ‘next big thing’ or tries to fit the musical mold; instead, it’s a visceral expression of raw emotion and feeling, showcasing morgxn’s powerful vocal and heartfelt lyricism. This is real music, and sets the bar high for what pop should sound like.

“It’s a song about loving someone so much and not knowing what to do when they’re gone,” explains Morgxn. “It’s a song about searching for home when that person is ‘home’ and without them you don’t know home anymore. and ultimately it is a song about recognizing and saying “i love you” before it is too late to say it anymore. i wrote it for my father.”