January 16, 2018  /  Modern Suspects

Location: Colorado


Label: Unsigned


‘Drift’ is the latest from Colorado based outfit Modern Suspects. An EDM-esque synth riff kicks things off with it’s top 40 feel, blending itself effortlessly into the indie rock wonder which they prefer to call “Popternative”. Catchy choruses and a rhythm that will cause you to leap up uncontrollably into an 80’s dance routine, ‘Drift’ gives indie a new lease of life with it’s fusion of electronica, creating an exquisite track for clubs and live shows.

About themselves, Modern Suspects say: “Many have said that we are lost in our apathy. We are oblivious to our vanity. We are prisoners of anxiety. We are suspected of chasing the unattainable, of daring to embrace individuality, of hoping beyond hope. We use this hope as a guide. We unify with one goal in mind: to rise above the detractor’s noise. We are all Modern Suspects.”