May 4, 2018  /  Maths Time Joy

Location: London

FFO: Luvian, Bearcubs, Azekel

Label: The Equation

‘Misunderstood’ is the latest release from British producer Maths Time Joy. Perhaps one of the most versatile in the game, MTJ has produced for the likes of Mahalia, Kevin Garrett and Snakehips, and has teamed up with a plethora of pop vocalists on his personal releases that are constantly breaking new grounds and drawing from a bottomless well of musical influence.

This ethereal new cut sees the London-based artist team up with Los Angeles’ soul songstress Asal Hazel. Seamlessly blending elements of fluent R&B and laid-back hip-hop, undulating bass notes and smooth synth ebb and flow behind the vocal melodies, with splashes of delicate guitar licks littering the soundscape. It’s deliciously unique, and reminds us just why Maths Time Joy is a “key player in the UK’s production revolution.”

Asal sent me an acapella of her singing this melody line and I thought it was really interesting,” explains Maths Time Joy. “This track came together in an unusual way as I’d normally start with the instrumental and then vocal over the top, so it’s been a new approach for me working this way round and taking inspiration from the vocal line itself and writing the instrumentation around that.”