May 17, 2018  /  Mariami

Location: Brooklyn, NY

FFO: Telana, Ama Lou

Label: Luminary Entertainment

With roots in Georgian church music and a timeless soul sound, Mariami crafts music with heart.

Painting with her kaleidoscopic palette of musical influence, ‘I Survived A War’ is an anthem of pride, mixing elements of funk, pop and soulful R&B in a cocktail of pure gold. Laid back guitar lines and rolling rhythm provide the backdrop, with lofty electronic effects and punchy basslines driving the melody. Atop it all, the powerful vocals of Mariami herself, soaring through the track with a self-assured confidence.

“‘I Survived a War’ tells a story of survival, perseverance, and overcoming the odds,” explains Mariami. “I wove in my personal narrative of escaping the grip of the war torn Soviet Union as a child to arrive in America, while speaking to the theme of female strength and resilience. In it’s message, others can find path to emerge victorious over their own battles.”