December 6, 2018  /  Margot

Location: London, UK

FFO: Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils

Label: Unsigned

From melodic guitarscapes to energetic wall-of-sound hooks and unvarnished realism, London’s Margot craft down-to-earth dreampop with a beautifully visceral edge.

‘Coffee Stained Scars’ serves as a perfect testament, revolving around the insular kitchen-sink drama of middle-age and mental health. Soft chords and bass meander and whirl behind hazy beats like the dreary drudge of a grey Monday morning, as frontman Alex Hannaway delivers a poignant vocal take that calls on his personal experiences and introversion.

“‘Coffee Stained Scars’ is a middle-aged man’s wet-traffic-ridden journey, and his partners anxiety regarding his mental fortitude.” explains Alex.“I’ve had experience with adults of that age stoically withholding information in regards to their mental health and I’ve seen how this can affect friends and family. It’s desperation, it’s unconditional love, and a hope that things can turn around.”