July 12, 2018  /  Mantaraybryn

Location: Cornwall

FFO: One11Twenty, Mike Waters

Label: Unsigned

Sweet like ‘Honey’ and as smooth as silk, Mantaraybryn‘s latest single is a tantalising glimpse into the musical works of the Cornish coast.

Whilst the glistening piano notes ring out in the opening minute of the track, you’d be forgiven for falling into the calming lull of another singer-songwriter ballad (and a darn fine one at that), but as the warm electronics and deep bass grooves seep into the soundscape, Mantaraybryn expresses the full force of his lush production and ear-worm melody finesse.

It’s a captivating blend of soulful pop and deep-house that could easily be the soundtrack to a windows-down cruise along the salt-sprayed cliffs of the South West.

‘Honey’ explores a series of three dreams, all hopeful and sweet,” explains Bryn. “However, on waking, these visions are not the reality. ‘Honey’ explores the division between sleep and awake; desperately trying to bring an image from a dream into the real world, like a forced prophecy. One cannot remain in a honeyed dream world when the reality is far more bitter.”