February 7, 2019  /  Mama Jefferson

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

FFO: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Two Stripes

Label: Unsigned

“Mama says you should listen to rock’n’roll, say YES, drink good beer, ask questions, enjoy speaking with your mouth full, watch dolphin documentaries, wear two different socks or blue hair and love and live as if you had never been hurt!”

Just a few gems of sage advice from Mama Jefferson – the madhouse Swiss project from frontwoman and bassist Vanja Vukelic – as they share their brand new single ‘Banana White House.’

An “ode to unhappiness,” the track and video revolves around the downright madness of the current world leaders, dressed in a charmingly pop-rock veneer of jangly guitarwork and punchy beats, with Vanja’s wicked vocals letting loose with a devilish flow.

“Welcome to a colorful macabre children’s birthday party, full of streamers and greed, full of lust and gluttony, play and decadence, regardless of collateral damage.”