October 11, 2017  /  Magnus Bechmann

Location: Sandvika, Norway

FFO: Whales & this Lake, The Band Called Oh

Label: Yunizon Records

Magnus Bechmann is man going from strength to strength: he has been hailed as a “New Band of the Week” in The Guardian, named as one of “The Hottest Brand New Acts” in the NME and his debut EP ‘Loners Get Lonely Too’ received rave review both in his native Norway and abroad. On his new single ‘Bruises’, the 21 year old returns with a indie pop anthem that combines a contagious chorus with danceable rhythms.  Bechmann describes ‘Bruises’ as:

“…a track about decisions, and the point where you have to decide to go “all in” or “slow down and think about it”. Kinda like the yellow light in a traffic light: either you pedal to the metal, or slow down and wait for the next green”.

And given the output and acclaim which precedes this artist, Bechmann shows no sign of ‘slowing down’.