November 30, 2018  /  Luca Chesney

Location: Los Angeles, US

FFO: Pacific Clouds, TALA

Label: Unsigned

Looking for ‘Something Brand New?’ New York songstress Luca Chesney is here to supply with her eclectic blend of contemporary R&B and bass-heavy trap, taken from her forthcoming self-titled EP.

‘Something Brand New’ is a powerful introduction to any Chesney newcomers, showcasing both her emotive style and unique productional aesthetic.

In an intricate pop-fuelled blend, Chesney matches scorching trap and hip-hop beats with lilted synth and electronics, as pulsing syncopated bass carves a penetrating path through the groove. But it’s not all bass ‘n’ beats, with her soaring vocal take bringing blissful melodies and heartfelt lyricism into the mix.