May 23, 2018  /  The Compensators

Location: Brooklyn, USA

FFO: Team Picture, Mac Demarco, DIIV

Record Label: Bogota Records

The Compensators burst psychedelic rock with their debut single ‘Love Drags’, a song that demands attention. This is garage-rock for the untamed, and we all need a song like this. Insisting the listener to ‘try, try again’, this is a song that is chaotic, but immediately catchy. With vocal harmonies in the chorus that are bordering on The Beach Boys, this is fast-paced slacker rock for the people that like acts like Mac Demarco and DIIV, but need something just a bit faster.

In a premiere with music site The Music Ninja, band members Curtis Strange, Chaz Mitchells, Stevie Blunder and Kip Wicked told how they met a full-moon party on a roof, and became fast friends. This quote from the band themselves is a perfect description of the sound ethos of this very exciting foursome: ‘Like witnessing spectacular gear shifting as your hands grab that “oh shit” bar hanging above the passenger window, The Compensators throws you right into the stampede, driving down the highway in dirty underwear, with a case of lions head pilsner sitting next to you, looking for the next show’. Listen to their debut track below on Spotify.