May 8, 2018  /  LINES

Location: Stockholm

FFO: Shotgun Crackers, Solen

Label: 300 Entertainment

Scandinavian synthpop four-piece LINES have released their fourth single, ‘We Will Never Rule The World’ featuring noise rock band Dolores Haze. Erik, Johan, Fred and Nisse follow DIY ethics in their music-making, having written, produced and mixed all of their own material in their self-built studio. ‘We Will Never Rule The World’ is no different. The edgy dark electro-pop hit is based on LINES and Dolores Haze’s dislike of Sweden’s Royal Family which they believe is a “waste of tax money and a monument of inherited injustice.” The two bands played each other’s demos and a beautiful musical relationship was formed.

Keyboardist Erik Althoff discusses the inspiration behind the track: “The anti-American dream. Watching ourselves fail at life repeatedly, fail being in love and fail in friendships. Struggling to consume happiness in a world where new products have less features. The defining aspect of high fashion is the pricing. A world that is obsessed with appropriating the weak and selling us the dream that we will one day be ourselves. No wonder the synths are messy.”