May 2, 2018  /  LIFE

Location: Hull, UK


Record Label: Unsigned

‘Grown Up’ sees LIFE return with their scathing lyrics and fast-paced punk sound. This is The Fall for the current punk generation. LIFE are another fantastic band adding to the resurgence of post-punk in current music. Though clearly not The Fall 2.0, as with many, LIFE owe a debt the seminal band. ‘Grown Up’ sees vocalist Mez use his scathing wit to belittle, with opening line ‘Between the pigeon shit and the gum and the humdrum’ a perfect summation of his sardonic tone.

This Mark E. Smith-esque vocal is paired with an exhilarating punk backdrop. The drums and bass are manic in their speed, blasting through the song at a breakneck pace, with the guitars only needed at the right opportune moment, adding bite and bile to what is already a track full of spite.

Having toured with SLAVES and IDLES, LIFE are in excellent company. With ‘Grown Up’, LIFE are throwing their hat into the UK guitar ring, and are coming out right at the top. ‘Grown Up’ will be released in June 2018.