October 12, 2018  /  Leverage Models

Location: Jordanville, USA

FFO:  John Maus, The Associates, Japan, Wild NothingFuture Islands

Label: Anachronisme

The latest release from Shannon Fields’ experimental pop project, Leverage Models, is a gloriously chaotic headrush of 8-bit synths, skittering drum patterns and ominous post-punk vocals.

If you were to take the entire canon of synth-pop from the Eighties, put it in a 1000W blender and rearrange the fragments, you would get something along the lines of ‘A Scout’s Prayer’.

Leverage Models do not exist to adhere to existing pop blueprints, but to reinterpret the familiar. One second, you think you’re listening to a Namco arcade soundtrack, the next you think it might be some doom-laden post-punk, and not for one millisecond is it nothing short absolutely thrilling.