May 21, 2018  /  Fond Of Rudy

Location: Brighton / London

FFO: Marsicians, Cassia,

Label: MH Recordings

Brighton’s favourite “calypso-pop” outfit Fond Of Rudy return with their latest indie-lectro masterpiece, ‘Imagination.’

Smooth electronics and 80’s disco-beats combine in this up-beat jam, but in true Fond Of Rudy fashion, it’s far from all bark and no bite, with the track showcasing the quartet’s signature emotionality and classic songwriting sensibilities.

Their music undeniably brings the 80s vibes, but what makes it so unique is that it keeps a strong sense of heart and down-to-earth lyricism at its core. It’s like mixing all the finest parts of nostalgia with a bright, forward thinking ethos – and no small measure of catchy hooks.

The band explain: “The song represents the feeling of trying to show someone that as a two, you are compatible, you work well together – but you fear they might be playing games”.