May 23, 2018  /  Lyves

Location: London, UK

FFO: Zola Blood, Jamie xx, SBTRKT

Record Label: Unsigned

Lyves begins her highly ambitious project ‘Eight Rooms’ with the electronic-soul track ‘Still’, a melancholic look at solitude. ‘Still’ mixes a pop sensibility with genres such as UK bass and nearly venturing into a subtle mix of neo-soul and IDM. This is a glitchy but beautiful electronic track, in the vein of Jame xx and SBTRKT. Though serene and relaxing, this is tinged with a hint of sadness, as Lyves, the alter-ego of London based artist Francesca Bergami, sings of wanting to be ‘still, for days and days’. This is highly emotional track that speaks to those who struggle with interaction, and for a general want of being in solitude.

This deeply affecting track is going to be a part of Lyves’ ‘Eight Rooms’ project. She has worked on eight new songs, each based upon an emotional theme, and accompanied by a music video exploring that theme from eight different directors. Speaking about the project, Bergami stated that ‘My intent for this series is to unravel emotions that are so often buried. Many of the emotions are representative of healing, and in turn, growing. By bringing them to light, I hope to illustrate how interconnected we are as humans and how universal emotions can be, no matter how different they may seem on the surface‘. This ambitious project is one that we can not wait to hear and see. Each new song in the project will be released every month, which promises that Lyves will be dominating our airwaves for the foreseeable future. Listen to the new song below on Spotify.