June 11, 2019  /  Las Aves

Location: Paris, France

Label: Cinq7

FFO: Kim Petras, Charli XCX, Grimes

Parisian trio Las Aves are a romantic bunch, but even they are finding the concept of love hard to come to terms with in the modern day. With technology enabling a fickle outlook and a despondent attitude to getting to know others, the band’s latest single ‘A Change of Heart’ confronts such issues facing Generation Z head on. Capturing a rich melancholia with its pulsing pop and R&B tones and glittering synth, Las Aves capture both a fragility and resilience in believing things can be better.

“At the end of the song, I read a verse from a Catalan poem by Joan Salvat-Papasseit. It means ‘Nothing is miserly, because there’s a song in each wisp of a thing,’” shares celestial vocalist Géraldine Baux on the new track. “That resumes pretty much the state of mind we were into when making the album: gathering the ashes of our fucked-up love stories and making it into something beautiful to our own eyes.”

‘A Change of Heart’ is available now. Las Aves album, I’ll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It is to be released August 30th via Cinq7.