July 26, 2018  /  Knightstown

Location: Brighton, UK

FFO: Vivienne Chi, Teen Ravine

Label: Fat Cat Records

Michael Aston’s project Knightstown is one that has encompassed a broad spectrum of work, from the lofty vocal falsettos and ambience of ‘Charlatan’ to the downtempo bass of ‘Border,’ but there’s one thing that remains the same throughout; the wholly immersive nature of his music.

‘Catcher’ is the producer and singer-songwriter’s latest release, and it marks the first offering from his forthcoming debut album set for release on August 17th. It’s the culmination and result of three years work from the Brighton-based artist:

“This album is the fruit of a creative burst of melodic and lyrical activity which began in 2015 when I first stepped out of my comfort zone as a classical composer and plunged headfirst into writing electronic songs.”

The classical influences present in Knightstown’s music is undeniable, yet ‘Catcher’ expresses a playful love for pop, too, with its ear-worm melodies floating amidst ethereal synthwork and deep bass. Minimalist beats lay the foundations for this serene, immersive track, one that lends itself perfectly to Aston’s graceful vocal delivery.