May 16, 2018  /  KIDS N CATS

Location: Austria

FFO: 5K HD, SuperParka, Dives

Record Label: Wouf Records

There’s no escaping KIDS N CATS‘ loud hip-hop blended electro pop, and in any case, who wants to? ‘Taiwan’ is an intoxicating dish all about the country. Featuring the highly talented Taiwanese artist Crystal Lupa, the song is an ode to the band’s exploration of the world, with this trip stopping off in the bright and wonderful ‘Taiwan’. This is an ode to Taiwanese food, and as such, this is sultry, intoxicating and bordering on sexy. The band are experts in creating a perfectly measured dish of electro-pop with a dashing of hip-hop, and this trademark is bursting with flavour on this latest single. The trap inspired beat gives a certain rhythm and modernity to a dreamy and atmospheric electronic basis foundation.

‘Taiwan’ appears on the band’s 2018 album, ’11 Tracks’, an album devoted to eleven places they visited while travelling the world. Originally from Austria, this is a band that are comfortable with creating a melting-pot of culture into their music, and this latest single is a testament to their expertise in pop.