May 15, 2018  /  RuN RiOT

Location: London

FFO: Neurodriver, The Funkrash

Label: We Are Live

Rock-infused big beat artist RuN RiOT has joined forces with folk singer Kevin Pearce and has released ‘Heartbeat Mind’, the first of three new collaborations between the musicians. Both from East Anglia, the pair began writing together after meeting on the BBC Introducing platform and found blending RuN RiOT’s driving electronics with Kevin Pearce’s more traditional acoustic elements created a unique yet powerful sound. ‘Heartbeat Mind’ is a more chilled and highly emotive track compared to RuN RiOT’s previous offerings, generating a cinematic experience which is sure to secure them a sync deal. The accompanying video features Kevin Pearce walking along the beautiful British countryside, contrasting yet again considering the genre of music.