September 14, 2018  /  Kat Kennedy

Location: Boston, USA

FFO: Anne-Marie, Astrid S, Sigrid, Tegan and Sara

Label: Unsigned

“I’m dropping hints like they’re bombs for you”, teases Kat Kennedy on her new, bright, bouncy and 100% pop single, ‘Notice Me’.

While she has always blended acoustic and electronic sounds in the past, and is openly inspired by many singer-songwriters of the same style like Tegan and Sara, Kat Kennedy’s sound is noticeably less folk-oriented and emotive in tone on ‘Notice Me’. She has laid down a shamelessly joyful dance-pop beat and is by all accounts in the mood for some fun.

‘Notice Me’ displays the same honest and no-holds-barred lyricism of Kennedy’s previous songs, but makes stronger use of melody for an out and out ear worm of a playful chorus. It’s a testament to her ability to write memorable hooks, and is a natural lateral step from the Berklee graduate’s previous work.