May 22, 2018  /  KAIAR

Location: Melbourne, Australia

FFO: The xx, Saint Sister, Bjork

Record Label: Unsigned

On ‘Human’, KAIAR explores our breaking points over a haunting soundtrack of ghostly electronic instrumentation. Akin to The xx, and channeling some of the obscure production of which Bjork’s enigmatic voice has graced, KAIAR is ghost-like on ‘Humans’. Electronic percussion sputters over the track, while piano hits at all the right points. Liquid-like synth pads wash over the track, while bass slowly builds and builds as the track comes to a glitchy crescendo.

KAIAR explained the core message of this latest single. ‘In unhealthy relationships, we tend to build walls around ourselves which form a sort of emotional exoskeleton. Sometimes to the point where we become so far removed from what we really are – Humans. Human explores the pressure between tension and breaking point and whether it’s possible to find beauty in the pain’.

Having had a strict religious upbringing as a child, KAIAR is at pains to make her relationship with music one that is for her: Because religion was strongly (probably subconsciously) associated to music for me, I distanced myself until I knew I could make it FOR me and ABOUT me’.

‘Humans’ is a song that has come from an artist that has experienced hardship, but is able to channel that into music that, as she says, is for her. Watch the accompanying video styled by designer EWOL above, and witness what it means to reach breaking point.