March 28, 2018  /  Unbloom

Location: Canada

FFO: Gourmet, Litany

Label: Unsigned

Canadian electronic artist Jonathan Zarola, better known as Unbloom, released his debut EP This Could Be Everything / This Could Be Nothing last year receiving critical acclaim, and has now returned to affirm his place in the music scene with intimate new single ‘Chances’. Unbloom’s unique vocal offerings are complemented by his use of lush synths and pumping bass, creating a track sure to be a hit on the chaotic dance floor. Catchy hooks emphasise the track’s theme of panic. Unbloom is sure to take 2018 by storm.

Unbloom on ‘Chances’: “On the surface, ‘Chances’ deals with a millennial anxiety of fucking up the opportunities you earn, yet being afraid to fuck up the ones you don’t – it’s a constant state of panic and inadequateness. I think a lot of upstart musicians feel this way too.”