June 22, 2018  /  Lokoy

Location: Norway


Record Label: Propeller Recordings

Lokoy is the solo project of 21-year-old songwriter musician and producer Lasse Lokoy, an electronic pop-punk collective. He has previously worked with the acclaimed collective Sløtface.

He has released his debut single ‘Malibu (ft girl in red)’ it is a bright, uplifting summery song. It starts off with a simple electric beat then goes into the chorus where Lokoy and Marie Ulven (girl in red) voices intertwine and make the perfect pairing, almost shouting over each other as the song goes on giving the listener a rush. The track is mixed by Odd Martin Skålnes, taking it to a new level.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to rise above your position and view things independently, because you will always be defined in relation to your surroundings”

“If you listen carefully, you might hear some familiar sounds from airports and cell phones as well. “The bass in the verse, which was the first element of the song I composed, is actually a noise I recorded inside an airplane on my way to Bodø in Norway.”

‘Malibu (ft girl in red)’ is out now, Lokoy is sure one to watch.