November 28, 2017  /  Sivu

Location: UK

FFO: Maricka Hackman, Denai Moore

Label: Square Leg Records Ltd


Straight off his new album Sweet Sweet Silent, James Page aka Sivu takes us for a spin in his acoustic number ‘Kin and Chrome’. A roundabout of emotions, ‘Kin and Chrome’ possesses delicate overtones and suitably melancholic textures complimenting the gentle strumming of the weeping guitar and piano.

Commenting on the track, Sivu says: “To me, this song is the closest I could get to a love song. I’m very fortunate to have my partner and she puts up with a lot, so this is a song about being thankful to her.” 

Whilst James Page’s guitar playing may not be anywhere near as prolific as his namesake Jimmy Page, the track marks a fantastic comeback in the songwriter’s career.