October 31, 2017  /  JEAN

Location: California

FFO: Lorde, Christine And The Queens

Label: H.I.R.D Music Group


It comes as no surprise that JEAN‘s music has been described as “a breath of fresh air”. The singer-songwriter manages to bring a fun, jovial yet unique sound to pop music, whilst still maintaining the strong notion of being herself and not following the crowd. ‘Running On Empty’ is the latest single from JEAN and whilst the title has a suspicious, dark aura, it is actually a motivational track about breaking free and doing what makes you happy. This is portrayed in the 50’s American diner inspired video, depicting JEAN as a waitress bound by the chains of authority and order scrubbing floors and bathrooms, to dancing around the diner’s kitchen imagining herself getting ready to go to a party. Bright, high pitched, addictive whistles provide the well-orchestrated depth most modern pop lacks, showcasing JEAN’s evidently strong musical ability. Coincidentally, the song “was written and recorded in a single take and immediately upon saving the recording in the studio, the power went out in the neighbourhood for more than twenty-four hours. Had the song not been saved, it is likely that the composition would have been lost forever.”