October 18, 2017  /  LOUIZA

Location: Oakland

FFO: Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling

Label: Unsigned


Born in San Francisco, Rebecca Mimiaga began her musical journey in her youth, studying contemporary vocal styles and listening to a daily dose of Nirvana, Bob Dylan and Stevie Wonder to name a few. This eventually lead to a graduation from the New School for Jazz with a BFA in vocal performance and most recently in 2014, the formation of rock band LOUIZA.

LOUIZA have released a handful of songs over the past six months with ‘Forget Regret’ being one of them. Mimiaga’s contemporary jazz influences shine through on the single like a prism being penetrated by light from every angle, making it impossible to ignore her delicate yet haunting vocals. They produce that melancholic feel grunge brought to the world we are all so familiar with, evoking emotions that aren’t overtly happy or sad.

Mimiaga kept a diary in songs throughout her years in Jazz school and New York City, exploring various emotions as time passed. Lyrically, this enabled her to think about something that happened to her, draw back and crystallise the whole situation beautifully. The result on ‘Forget Regret’ is something so eerie and relatable it shouldn’t come as a surprise if it breaks people down to tears.

The addictive nature of bass is something LOUIZA have utilised to absolute perfection in the mix of ‘Forget Regret’; an aspect essential to jazz. Expertly timed rhythms only add to the brilliance of this song. A sublime piece of art bound to leave an imprint on your memory.

As years go by, more people are becoming frustrated with modern music, criticising it for having no artistic direction and for being propelled by nothing other than money. If you are one of those people, this is for you.