September 27, 2017  /  Janet Kim

Location: New York, US

FFO: HAIM, Clean Bandit

Label: Seaside Melodies

Following on from ‘Blue’ (released August 2017), ‘Lovely’ is Janet Kim‘s second single and second taste of what her upcoming debut EP is going to offer. Beginning with dancepop electronics, synths and handclaps the track is more upbeat than her previous effort. Her lyrics are able to fall on the right side of pop cliches perfectly complement the song’s sugary sound. Although the track does have a  ‘swear-you’ve-heard-it-before’ catchiness to it, Janet Kim does have a secret weapon (her violin) and is able to use it and her classical training to create soaring solos which set her apart from many, and align her with the intellectual pop of ‘Clean Bandit’.