March 14, 2019  /  Jake Morse

Location: Massachusetts, United States

FFO:  Mac Miller, JID, J Cole

Label: Unsigned

Independent producer and rapper Jake Morse releases his latest single ‘Quintessential Qualms’ featuring singer Alè.

Morse’s use of vocalist Alè brings a spark of hope in an atmosphere of self-doubt, using jazzy chord progressions and funky synths he creates a spirited track for those who need a voice to follow.

Speaking on the new track, Jake Morse says, “The term ‘Quintessential Qualms’ basically means a perfect example of doubt or fear. To me, this is felt in music and in other people in my life. I constantly doubt my abilities, question if people really like me, and wonder if I’m living life right. I take action on these uneasy feelings by dropping negative friends, loving good ones, and simply making more music. As Alè sings in the chorus with beautiful harmony, “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know I’m on my way”, I take comfort in knowing that I’m taking the right steps to be a better person.”