May 8, 2018  /  Jules

Location: Toronto, Canada

FFO: Lily Moore, Maude Latour

Label: It’s Jules Records

Brand new indie R&B pop artist Jules has burst on the music scene with the incredibly catchy and relatable ‘Before You Picked Her’. You wouldn’t know it listening to her, but the Toronto-based singer-songwriter is only 16-years-old and yet ‘Before You Picked Her’ consists of mature lyrics about comparing yourself to the next girl your ex dates, soulfully sung with her incredible velvety vocals. She spent weekends and the Christmas holiday writing and recording her debut album People Watching, a title to be taken literally as she observes and writes about others. Keep an eye out for its release!

Jules on ‘Before You Picked Her’: “I’m a more risqué person and he’ll like better what he had with me. I wrote as a jab to girls when you dump a guy, you want them to know that he had you first.”