February 11, 2019  /  Ivy Mairi

Location: Toronto, Canada


Label: Unsigned

Toronto based Ivy Mairi has released her latest single ‘Prayer’, a wholesome, ethereal electronic ballad.

Working with producer Kieran Adams (DIANA, Vibrant Matter) since 2016, the pair have delved into Ivy’s musical realms of pop and electronic minimalism, with the result being her forthcoming EP ‘Polarity’. The EP explores the extremes of love, experience and growing up, and from this we are gifted the new single ‘Prayer’.

‘Prayer’ is the complete embodiment of Ivy and her sound, as said before, Ivy has a vision for eletronic minimalism and pop, and from first glimpse until the last note, this song has a soft, subtle and versatile approach that creates a warm familiar sound that is strikingly stunning. The use of soft strings creates something truly different and engages with Mairi’s vocals harmoniously.

Speaking on the new single, Ivy said, “Prayer is a song about the early stages of grief and mourning – when you’re not yet ready to accept the reality of a great loss, so instead, you make a prayer for thnings to go back to the way they were before. And you send that prayer out into the ether.”