November 24, 2017  /  Isaac Gracie

Location: London

FFO: Damien Rice, Dallas Green

Label: Buried Crowns Ltd

There is something mesmeresing and poetic about the wearied tones of singer-songwriter Isaac Gracie‘s voice. With his signature lo-fi production aesthetic, Gracie’s earnest vocals are accompanied by raw, undistorted electric guitar, which serves to emphasise the intimate and genuine nature of the track. As the song reaches the refrain, Gracie exerts the full power of his lead vocals before a graceful decrescendo back to the melancholic weariness of the opening. Originally released as a demo track in Gracie’s EP ‘Songs From My Bedroom’, the re-release certainly does not lose any of its charm, offering a fresh take on an already masterful work.

In summary: a beautiful track that favours authentic, heartfelt production, to emphatically convey genuine, unadulterated emotion.