October 2, 2018  /  Isaac Dunbar

Location: Cape Cod, USA

FFO: Billie Eilish, King Princess, Troye Sivan, gnash

Label: Unsigned

Isaac Dunbar is 15 years old. He writes songs about being 15 years old. This is why Isaac Dunbar is great.

‘freshman year’ does what fat-cat music executives can’t do, the kind who want to market their music to impressionable teenagers for money, money and more money. It speaks to teenagers and for teenagers authentically without treating them like idiots.

Dunbar is a deliciously explicit voice of teenage anxiety who doesn’t have to fake his appeal. The bold opening line where all of his peers are in his firing line, ‘and even Becca, ew’, is hilarious and introduces us to the wonderfully sardonic style of Dunbar’s downtempo indie-pop.

Capped by a easy-going and natural vocal, the talented freshman is already making waves on the internet and should be set for even more success in 2019.

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