September 29, 2017  /  Laoise

Location: Galway, Ireland

FFO: Tara Carosielli, Caitlyn Scarlett, IDER

Label: A Place Called Kai

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Irish electro-pop sensation Laoise continues her rise on ‘Rich’. Hot on the heel’s of this year’s Halfway EP, ‘Rich’ is the first single to be taken from Laoise’s forthcoming second EP which is set to be released next year. ‘Rich’ itself marks an ever-growing confidence for the young artist; moving on from her self-referential narrative regarding mental health and wellness, ‘Rich’ recounts a past relationship that was compromised by money and the consequential negativity, underpinned by a darkly slick sound.

Laoise says of the track: “Lyrically, I find I’m holding back less and less, and I feel ‘Rich’ really demonstrates that. The song is about a love that’s been compromised for possessions. I’ve come across some nasty people who chose money over love and it’s made a negative impact on the people around them. I don’t deal well with someone treating me badly, and I especially don’t deal well with someone treating my loved ones badly, so the song is a screw you to the people who try to.

‘Rich’ is available now.