May 15, 2019  /  A.ROSE

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Label: Unsigned

FFO: Lorde, MØ, Tove Lo

The British-born, Amsterdam based Anna-Rose Clayton has a palpable love for female electro-pop contemporaries such as Lorde, MØ and Tove Lo in her third release. Following on from this year’s earlier efforts ‘Rising’ and ‘ILYF’, ‘Hush Hush’ builds upon A.ROSE’s sound to solidify her as one to keep an eye on.  Incorporating her signature punchy beats and retro synth tones, her latest single elevates her sound with catchy vocal hooks and euphoric choruses for an engaging, toe-tapping pop banger.

“Hush Hush is about determination and the efforts needed for action. We all see rules being broken and lines getting blurred the moment there’s money involved,” shares Clayton of the meaning behind the track. “I wrote this as a reminder for myself. I believe that everyone’s struggling with themselves, so I hope this gives them hope, but at the same time helps them being aware of our flaws”

‘Hush Hush’ is available now.