February 19, 2019  /  Nikita Afonso

Location: Penticon, Canada

FFO: Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey

Record Label: Unsigned

Oh, how we’ve needed Nikita Afonso in 2019! The country-tinged pop singer is back with a vengeance on latest single ‘Holy, My Heart’, a powerful and heartbreaking pop song. Nikita is fantastic at combining her evocative guitar playing with a modern day pop sensibility, and this latest effort from her is no exception. ‘Holy, My Heart’ begins with Nikita’s signature guitar playing, a flamenco-esque picking style that leads so effortlessly into a emotional and powerful backing track that perfectly serves as the side dish to her charming and expressive vocal line. The thing that Nikita creates so perfectly is atmosphere. From the plucked string lines, angelic synth pads and the forlorn guitar line, ‘Holy, My Heart’ evokes so distinctly the emotions of having one’s heart broken so aggressively.

Having already garnered nearly half a million streams on Spotify, Nikita Afonso has both the backing of the general public and the music industry. In 2017, the singer-songwriter won the Best New Artist of the Year at the International Portuguese Music Awards and two years prior was voted best musician by South Okanagan Life Magazine.

Listen to ‘Holy, My Heart’ below on Spotify!